Letter: Oil industry cuts corners to boost profits


The oil industry claims that it’s for clean air and clean water – even while it pours millions of dollars into political campaigns to oppose environmental regulations meant to protect us. That “us” includes you, your family and children and future generations. Its opposition to I-1631 is more of the same.

I grew up in the heart of oil country in West Texas over 70 years ago. I worked in the oil business until I escaped. I personally saw the depredations that surround the extraction of oil and gas. I saw and tasted the effects of the industry’s groundwater contamination and I smelled the hydrogen sulfide in the air as they released it or tried to burn it off. I witnessed the phony, wink-wink clean-up efforts when the industry was occasionally and feebly cited for its messes.

Year in, year out, the oil and gas business has cut corners as a means to improve profits. From the time they acquire mineral and water rights to the time they start drilling; the pipelines, trucks, trains and ships hauling the oil are replete with a history of failure because they want to cut costs. And for decades it has fought and lied about the effects of fossil fuels on our climate.

Nothing could be clearer to me: the millions of dollars the Texas oil companies are spending to oppose I-1631 is all about their plans for business as usual. And as long as they are doing that, you can bet that I-1631 is good for the environment and our planet.

Tom Fox


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