Letter: St. Clair would lead in a fair, balanced way


In a few days the ballots for our November election will arrive in your mailbox. I am writing to express my strong support for Janet St. Clair for Island County Commissioner.

I have worked with Janet and I have seen her hard work for both Camano Island and Whidbey Island.

I think a good example of her hard work is her advocacy for more healthcare resources for Camano Island.

As usual, Janet brought people together to help all of us understand and address these complex issues. In working on the Community Health Improvement Plan she reached out to healthcare providers and leaders of non-profit organizations on both Camano and on Whidbey. The commissioners met on Camano to discuss the plan.

Frankly, Janet’s opponent Commissioner Hannold was dismissive of the concerns raised by Camano Islanders for lack of services onCamano Island.

I am also concerned that our present Commissioner does not value or solicit community input. In an election year he is touting and taking credit for new services that will come to Camano in the future. All this in the last days of his term.

If done earlier we might be enjoying these services and not waiting to do so.

In addition, the new buildings coming to Camano had virtually no public input on the space and the way these much-needed buildings will serve our community.

As your former State Senator, I know the importance and value of community input and listening to your constituents. Janet St. Clair will provide fair, balanced and inclusive leadership. She will serve the people of Island County very well.

Mary Margaret Haugen

Camano Island

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