Letter: The noise complainers are pathetic and should move


To all the pathetic snowflakes on the North End crying about Growlers and the touch-and-go field, I say, move away.

You knew when you moved there that the Navy was an overwhelming presence up there and you bought a house and property there because of the relatively lower cost compared to other more desirable locations.

Now you want the Navy to move.

I’ll say it again — shut up and move away.

Personally, I like having the Navy there. We get to see first hand some of the might of our country. Do you really want them gone? Do you really think there is no risk of future war? That mutually assured destruction will always translate into permanent peace?

Move back to California, or wherever you came from and take your narcissistic, psychotic, pacifist notions with you.

Maybe you think you can get the Navy to do your bidding just as your cohorts in Orange County, Calif., did to transform the training ground, El Toro Marine Air Base, into “prime real estate” for the developers to make a killing by selling mcmansions for the totally self-absorbed Millennials?

Joanna Spagnolini


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