Letter: The U.S’s world standing depends on ousting Trump


Donald J. Trump gives aid and comfort to dictators around the world and the Republicans give aid and comfort to Donald Trump, so says Michael Steele, former chair of the RNC.

A very sad state of affairs.

Hopefully the Cohen hearings, the first of many, have awakened some folks who think Trump, a former TV personality, is wonderful.

With 2020 just around the corner, I hope people will keep in mind that there have been three dozen indictments by Mueller around Trump, and more to come.

This administration has been a real disaster and an embarrassment to our country. We must do better, pick a better candidate and not get carried away again with the cult of personality. We must think more carefully about real substance and experience in our candidates. Our country, our children’s future and our world standing dependon this.

Nancy Mayer


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