Letter: There are many reasons to vote Craig Cyr for council


I have known Craig Cyr for decades, about the same time as he has known Langley. I am delighted that he now wants to bring his organizational talents to serve Langley as a member of the city council.

In my estimation, Craig brings several traits to the job that surpass those brought by the incumbent Bruce Allen.

Let me count the ways: He is a team player who knows we all have a piece of the puzzle; a data man who gathers it and asks for it before plunging in with an opinion; a listener who wants to hear all sides; a divulger who wants citizens to transparently see the moving pieces in an issue; and a truster that others’ differing views bring something to the table.

He is also environmentally tuned — endorsed by the Sierra Club — and wants climate change and environmental aspects to be considered in city planning decisions. He also has a record of helping non-profits and boards advocate for the homeless and disenfranchised. Langleyites, give your vote to Craig this fall so the council can draw on a wealth of collaborative and investigative skill.

Mark Wahl


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