LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Highland Games will return to the island

To the editor:

The Whidbey Island Celtic Society, sponsors of the Whidbey Island Highland Games, would like to give a big thank–you to our past president Maureen Lee MacDonald, secretary Mari Campbell, piping and drumming coordinators Ian and Candy MacDonald, and trustee Kevin Campbell. These individuals have been instrumental in the growth of the Whidbey Highland Games for the past nine years. We will miss their involvement as they focus on new ventures.

Even with all these volunteer changes the “Games will go on!” Fortunately, the Whidbey Island Highland Games’ equipment was at a minimal loss in the fire. We do lend our support to any arson fundraiser benefiting Maureen MacDonald’s business, the Tartan Thistle in Freeland. It was a devastating fire which destroyed a good portion of her business.

We are currently seeking volunteers and vendors to participate in the 10th Annual Whidbey Island Highland Games, Aug. 9 at the Greenbank Farm. If you are interested, contact whidbeygames@yahoo.com or jriise@whidbey.net.

President Julie Riise

Vice President Marius Artis

Treasurer Debbie Daumen

Secretary Tricia Bushey

Whidbey Island Celtic Society