Letter: Treasonous Trump stands with Russia, not the United States


Master puppeteer Vladimir Putin seems to be pulling Donald J. Trump’s strings again. In the recent Helsinki Summit, Trump placed blame on the U.S. for Russian aggression and the attacks on our 2016 elections, which by the way, continue.

Trump is not looking to safeguard and keep our nation safe and strong, but rather not to ruffle Putin’s feathers. All the remarkable intelligence work of our Justice Department seems to mean nothing to Donald Trump. He continues to stand with “Team Putin” and not “Team America!” I take no pleasure in saying this seems treasonous to me. Trump does not stand with and for our country, does not defend our close allies. Why must Putin always be right?

So sad and shameful. What does Putin have over Trump that causes this behavior? What must we, as a country, do now?

Nancy Mayer


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