Letter: Trump’s remarks were treasonous


I was completely stunned and horrified by Donald Trump’s remarks after his meeting with Putin.

Our president’s words provided aid and comfort to an adversary nation, defined under federal law as treason.

There are no words that can undo the damage he has done to the United States — the country Trump swore to protect.

We may never know the substance of his private talk with Putin.

Could he have promised never to respond to future Russian attacks, being such a loyal fan of Putin, on whose good will his hopes for re-election rest?

Or perhaps some Kremlin vault holds compromising tapes or evidence of money laundering schemes, or copies of his tax returns.

Transparency is dead.

All Americans should ask what happens to our democracy when American security and interests are not important enough to protect from a murderous dictator?

Yet, some Americans still believe this president is somehow making America “great again!”

Really? Tell me how.

Every day in office, he destroys more of our values, our protections against corporate greed, and long-honored institutions — all in the name of serving his base.

Long-term agreements with other countries are shredded.

Americans who did not vote for Trump are dismissed as “enemies,” and their patriotism is disrespected.

When Bernie Sanders spoke of a people’s revolt to reform a corrupt government, I firmly believe he was talking about the horrors now unfolding.

We have a treasonous president, and we must hold him accountable for what he has done.

No more excuses from Republicans about how the president can fix this.

No more excuses about his inexperience in government.

No more about the “fake news” from a president who lies every day. No more winking at his supporters’ racism.

And, by the way, there are the Mueller investigations which point ever more directly toward the Trump campaign meetings with Putin-connected Russians for “getting the dirt on Hillary Clinton.”

It is time to put the country, the rule of law, and democracy first. It is time to protect the security of the United States — the very oath which the President swore on Inauguration Day, but which he has failed miserably to keep.

Paulette Becker,


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