Letter: Trump’s wild claims about immigration crisis false


Donald J. Trump used undocumented workers from Costa Rica and Poland to build his Bedminster Gold Club and Trump Tower.

Trump’s constant disdain and hypocrisy for undocumented workers that have worked for him for decades is not disputed.

He seems to prefer immigrants for his properties.

So now, using immigrants as a wedge issue to try and divide Americans and try to convince us who the real Americans —white people — are, and who to be afraid of — brown people, is a bit of a hard sell.

Most Americans know that we all came from other countries.

We are proud of our immigrant ancestors and what they went through to get here to become citizens and give us a better life.

Trump is using the troops in this ploy by sending them to the southern border to do nothing but lay concertina wire; making these border towns look like prisons.

There was no problem there, things ran smoothly, people traveled back and forth between countries seamlessly.

There are people in these towns who do not like Trump’s depiction of them either.

They were never very political, but they are now.

Voting in record numbers at the mid-terms. Maybe the only good thing to come out of all this.

Trump’s talk of crime in El Paso is simply false.

The crime rate was higher than the national average in the late 1990s but has been going down since “hold the line” was put in place.

This program added 400 agents along the border plus technology.

This was before any wall was built, which seemed to have no effect — except a small uptick in crime after, but population was increasing too.

There is no crisis at the southern border except Trump’s policy of separating children from their parents, and this is still not totally resolved.

People are sick of his false claims of the “brown skin crisis.”

Trump is turning red states purple.

The real crisis is the need for more judges and workers to process the asylum claims, but he would rather dramatically send troops to the border to do nothing. Where will this end and the lies and falsehoods stop?

We all keep asking those questions.

Nancy Mayer


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