Letter: U.S. government’s recent shutdown a real travesty


The government, or any part of it, should never shut down. There is no good reason for this, ever.

Again, Trump is hurting ordinary people. Why should any government worker go without food, medicine and paying bills for Trump’s made up “emergency” and temper tantrum?

There have been deaths in national parks because they were not closed at the same time.

To top it off, in the past, some of these workers never did get their back pay. I don’t know why these people [didn’t] just walk out until this latest travesty [was] over. It would probably [have ended] more quickly. Trump will throw out any words he thinks will scare us to try and control us; but things he has done that are coming to light are far scarier to know about.

To have government shut down or the threat of it is not a way to negotiate. Use your words, Mr. Trump, we know you can even if not very effectively.

Nancy Mayer


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