Letter: Vote Kim Schrier to loosen Republican grip on Congress


Those of us who live in congressional district WA-02 are extremely fortunate to have Rick Larsen working for us in Congress. He cruised to an easy victory in the recent primary election. Let’s face it folks, re-electing Rick in November’s mid-term will be a slam-dunk.

But if you feel that there’s an urgent need to break the Republican party’s death-grip on Congress, now’s the time to laser focus on flipping control of House seats from (R) to (D) wherever we can. Fortunately, less than an hour’s drive from Mukilteo, nearby congressional district WA-08 is up for grabs because the office is being vacated by retiring 8th District Republican Congressman Dave Reichert. In that race, Issaquah pediatrician Dr. Kim Schrier will face three-time loser Dino Rossi.

Our financial support and willingness to help Dr. Schrier’s campaign with phone-banking from home or feet-on-the-street in-person canvassing in the 8th District can make a critical difference in whether Democrats regain control of the U.S. House of Representatives in this November’s history-making election. See more at https://drkimschrier.com

Whidbey Islanders who can’t tolerate any more dysfunctional Republican-controlled federal government should lend their active support to Dr. Schrier’s campaign. Health care insecurity is a top concern for voters, and Dr. Kim pledges that she will lead the charge to strengthen the Affordable Care Act, expand access to affordable health care, slash insurance premiums and reduce prescription drug costs. Let’s restore more balanced government by ending the Republican party monopoly in Congress now. To learn more, please contact me at flipdem2018@gmail.com

Steve Burr


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