Loyalty, experience, transparency and honesty are reasonable qualifications for president


Fear and anger have recently triumphed over reason and logic. It is now time to seriously reflect on the process by which our future presidents will be elected. Both the Democrat and Republican parties have nominated candidates who were significantly disapproved of by a majority of Americans. I believe that both parties can do a better job in the selection of future presidential candidates.

To this end, I would recommend that they adopt the following added qualifications for their respective presidential candidates:

1. All candidates must have been a registered member of their party for at least five years and made contributions to their party.

2. All candidates must have some experience in government at the local, state or national level.

3. All candidates must release copies of their tax returns for the past 10 years.

4. All candidates with financial assets must place these assets in a blind trust for the duration of their period in office.

5. Individuals desiring to run for the presidency of the United States who fail to meet their parties’ added qualifications are encouraged to run as independents or the nominee of another party.

Common sense and reason should dictate that individuals running for president of the United States meet qualifications greater that the constitutional requirement of being at least 35 years of age and a citizen of the United States. Item number one requires that the individual has some loyalty and made some contribution to the party. Item number two requires that the individual has some governmental experience. Item number three requires a degree of financial transparency and number four dictates a degree of honesty.

I encourage everyone who agrees with the above to contact their party; please indicate that loyalty, experience, transparency and honesty are reasonable qualifications to be added in the selection of their nominee.