Letter: Mother would be good Island County Commissioner


As Mother’s Day approaches, I want to write to all of you to say why my mom, Janet St. Clair, would make a great Island County Commissioner.

My whole life, I watched my mother, not only raise me, my brother and my sister, she helped raise six other foster kids and cared for countless other children.

Three of those foster kids were before I was born but I remember how she patiently supported my foster brother Sean, and my foster sisters, Katy and Lilia.

She taught us that family and love is not just about being born into a good thing, it is also about the decisions we make every day.

As a social worker, she worked with families to help them become better and stronger. As a therapist, she helped children find their inner strength and hope for a future.

As a director, she managed large nonprofits to assure that many families could get the services they needed.

As an advocate, she worked for equity and opportunity for all children and families.

So I’m writing today to both wish my mom a Happy Mother’s Day and to tell you all she will be the best, most caring and most effective commissioner you can elect in 2018.

Megan St. Clair Lazar

New York

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