Navy Growlers will change Whidbey Island for the better


Simply stated, the addition of more squadrons of F-18 Growlers to Naval Air Station Oak Harbor will have a beneficial overall effect on Whidbey Island. From economic growth to increasing the numbers in our schools, along with increasing the tax base for road improvement, hospitals and schools are just a portion of the benefits of having a larger Navy presence on the island. Imagine if the base was closed and how that would impact Whidbey.

As for Outlying Field Coupeville, if a person bought a house within the last 30 years under the noise pattern, and it’s so troubling that it’s affecting your health, then simply move. Housing is in short supply and the area needs rental inventory; try renting it, you may be happier.

And I must say that what the F-18s are doing is critical to national security, after bouncing at the OLF their next stop is a carrier off the coast of California. Be happy that the Growler is much quieter than the old Prowler. The Navy is critical in protecting the freedoms we all enjoy and some take for granted; give these pilots the support they need to do their job of protecting you.




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