Now is the time to stand up for our community, values, neighbors


My husband and I own a house in Langley. We strongly support the creation of an inclusive city ordinance in Langley. I see many brave leaders from small towns and large cities speaking up all over the country for what is right, what is constitutional, and what aligns with our deepest values as Americans.

We in Langley hope our city leaders will join us in standing with our neighbors and friends who are Muslim, immigrant, or simply exercising their right to free speech.

We are standing for the fundamentals of our democracy by working for an inclusive city ordinance, under the protection of the 10th Amendment of the Constitution.

The ordinance will prevent our town from enforcing reckless and unconstitutional federal orders, orders that strike at the heart of a democratic society.

Now is the time for our community to stand up and be counted for our values, for our neighbors, for our community and for our country.




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