Now is the time to vote yes for libraries


We have our special ballots and now is the time to support our community by voting yes for the Sno-Isle Intercounty Rural Library District Levy. More than half of our residents use the library, and this levy means that our library can continue to be there for us. Our Sno-Isle Library offers paper and electronic books, movies, magazines, interesting programs and events to make a difference to our communities.

I was very interested to see a letter to the editor from a neighbor who questioned the financial management of the library based on a cursory look at their website. In the April 4 Record, Ms. Anamosa, the president of the independent Sno-Isle Board of Trustees, explained in detail how our taxes are managed to make every penny responsibly used.

The last levy increase was in 2009 with the intent to cover five years of expenses. The library has made excellent financial decisions and operated within budget to make the 2009 levy last nine years. That is great stewardship of our taxes.

The Board of Trustees tells us that continued services require a levy increase now. Information available at one community session allows me to believe that this levy rate increase is needed.

Let us keep Sno-Isle an available, high-tech, excellent library system for our community. Please join me in marking your special election ballot YES and return it before the April 24 deadline.

Margaret Andersen


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