President Donald Trump is a white supremacist, here’s why


This letter addresses Jamal Hill’s assertion that Trump is a white supremacist. He is, and I offer the following evidence in support of this assertion.

First, Trump’s whole obsession with Barack Obama’s birth certificate was driven by racism. Second, his assertion that a Hispanic judge could not be impartial in hearing a case involving immigration was driven by racism. Third, his attempt to ban all Muslims from coming into this country and his reference to them as evil snakes was driven by racism. Fourth, his attempt to elevate the position of neo-Nazis and skinheads was driven by racism. Fifth, his calling Mexicans criminals and rapists was driven by racism. Sixth, his failure to reject the support of David Duke during the primary elections until such time as the polls closed in the southern states was driven by racism. Seventh, Trump grew up with a racist father, Fred Trump, who was charged with numerous civil rights violations as a New York landlord for refusing to rent apartments to African Americans; he also participated in KKK demonstrations. Eighth, Trump’s mantra that he wants to make America great again is double speak for returning to a time when America was primarily a country of lily white people. Ninth, Trump’s well-documented misogyny while not racism per se underscores his world view that rich white men are “entitled” to pillage and plunder with impunity.

And these evidentiary examples are off the top of my head. No doubt the list could be greatly expanded by someone more knowledgeable on the topic than I.

We can only hope we get to that part of the freak show where the bully gets his comeuppance and this national nightmare ends. On that day there will be dancing in the streets.



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