Put on ‘your’ big-boy pants, acknowledge mistakes


I had to respond to the “Freedom isn’t free, jets are necessary” letter in The Record of Jan. 21.

Outlying field Coupeville (OLF) was built in 1943. OLF was designed to be used for training pilots that flew old propeller planes. The noise level from these old planes was quite a bit lower than the modern jets of which Mr. Becker speaks of in his letter. It appears that Mr. Becker lives in Clinton so he’s not treated to the unusually extreme and toxic noise levels created by these jets. May I suggest that he do a “house trade” with a family that has lived in the region of this OLF for many years. Maybe this would educate him to the profound disturbance this level of noise creates. I have experienced this level of noise when visiting parks around OLF. I left because I don’t live there. To say “just move” to the humans that have lived in the area for years is just too simplistic for words.

As for the “big boost” economically for Whidbey Island I would recommend that you read a study conducted by economists at the Political Economics Research Institute at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. I quote, “The report finds that if the federal dollars coming into the state were shifted from military to education, construction, healthcare, or clean energy some 27 percent to 134 percent more jobs would be created.” Like yourself, most people are uninformed when speaking to the “economic benefits” of military spending on the national economy. This is a myth perpetrated by the industries that profit the most from war and conflict. Many located in our region, like Boeing, profit greatly from this institutional fallacy taken as fact.

I would suggest that you “can put on your big-boy pants, acknowledge your mistakes” and inform yourself to what this really is — pitting the interests of war profiteering by a few against the interests of your fellow Human Beings. Peace.