Return to sanity: the Christmas gift that was not to be


I just realized something about technology. As it becomes more complex and at an ever accelerating pace, it also becomes more scary. Take virtual reality. This is the soon-to-be “next big thing.” Maybe it already is.

As folks learn to strap their smart phones on to their heads and become engulfed into realities so engrossing, they actually forget their normal ordinary day-to-day reality. Don’t think so? Perhaps you haven’t tried it. Yet. The thing is, as more and more people get lost in their alternate never-never-land virtual realities, real things in the real world can happen. Like maybe an egomaniac dictator taking over the country. But wait. This really is happening. Too many have allowed this to happen because they have gotten lost in their virtual realities of Fox News and the like and the alternate view of reality they present to their audience.

To the folks in this category who purport to be Christians, one has to really wonder. Do you believe Donald Trump represents the values that Jesus taught? Really? If you have a daughter would you trust Trump to be in a room alone with her? Really? Seems he’s kinda bragged about being a predator and pervert. Of course, he can (and does) brag about just about anything he chooses. He knows more than the generals. He could shoot somebody in Times Square and not lose voters. He may be right, but you really, really have to wonder about those voters.

Perhaps it’s time to pray for a miracle. Like the Electoral College rebelling against such a clear and present danger to this country and refusing to elect him. What a Christmas gift that would be. And for the entire world, no less. Maybe we could return to a reality ruled with a little more sanity instead of the nightmare virtual reality we are presently mired in. If not, God help us all.