Should Possession Point property be an official ‘park?’


We have learned from the folks at Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission that the jewel of a small park at Possession Point is no longer being considered for possible surplus and remains firmly a state park property. That’s good. However, a state park “property” is a different category from a state “park.” That is why Possession Point is cannot be found on the list of Washington State Parks (on the Department’s website, for example). And that could well be why it is also identified (within the Department) as “poorly used.”

Changing categories, changing the identifier, does make a difference. Moving Possession Point from a state park property to a state park category would give it more visibility and thus more people the chance to enjoy it (as well as more work for the park ranger?). Or do we prefer the identification as it is, sort of known to locals only? Interesting issue.



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