Social activities foster community


I like the connectedness I feel in Langley at the go cart races, the parades and the street dance. There continues to clearly be an effort in Langley to promote social interaction and I commend it. I think it enhances our lives to meet and interact with neighbors and it helps in the socialization skills that children need so badly.

I share with you the following info in hopes that someone who lives in the area may take this ball and run with it. I live in Alaska, but I have a place in Langley as well.

I grew up in Connecticut on a peninsula that in the 20’s was developed by a railroad magnet. He laid out the streets, the tennis courts, golf course, swim beach and the parks, and sold the area off in parcels. An association/club was formed and out of it evolved this incredible socialization/connectivity engine that still is active today.

With the lay of the land came all kinds of get together’s such as barbecues at the local parks, the strawberry festival in July, outdoor movies on Saturday night and the list goes on. Our summer daily athletic instructor had us busy five days a week and the facilities culminated into tournaments including sailboat races over the last three weeks of summer.

This was not a posh club. The dues were $50 per year and all was maintained by volunteers. The golf course greens for instance were in fact browns. On Labor Day morn we had activities ranging from races and land sports to swimming. The egg toss was very popular. My father and I, with the help of the neighbors, would assemble prefabbed tables to seat 500 people and on Labor Day night there would be a big potluck held at the park with the stage. Trophies were handed out,skits were played on the stage and prizes were raffled. The party lasted all night. Everyone knew everyone and it was very good.

Just thought I would share and maybe someone will pick up just a piece of this ball and implement it? In the mean time I will continue to freeze in the dark in January up here.

Thank you.


North Pole, Alaska

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