South Whidbey needs outside-the-box ferry thinking


Regarding the ferries, while I am happy to hear the Suquamish is going to be assigned to the Clinton-Mukilteo route, I think there are other ways to help ease the lines that use thinking outside the box.

For example, as identified by a letter from David Freed, a third boat could be a better answer. There is usually 10 minutes of dead time at the dock waiting for the next boat to arrive. Thus, it generally takes only 20 minutes per run to load, cross, and unload a boat. If instead of another larger boat, three smaller boats of the Kittitas size were used and there were 3 boats per hour, capacity could be greatly increased.

What we rarely hear is outside the box thinking when it comes to the ferries. Maybe there is some, but it isn’t shared with those of us who ride.



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