South Whidbey Record’s opinion piece was biased


Wow! After reading your Feb. 25 editorial, “Shame on Who?” I now see just how biased the South Whidbey Record truly is. I used to think that maybe those who criticized The Record over its bias were being a bit overzealous.

I agree that the public can question any official’s perspective on any topic, however, I expect journalists and reporters to report the news. Facts, in other words. Not opinions disguised as news, AKA “fake news.”

Personally, I appreciate that Mayor Tim Callison did not inject his own views into the debate and, instead, let the city council come to its own conclusions without prejudice. The Record’s name-calling is ridiculous and reveals the paper’s own bias. How about you do your job — reporting — and you the mayor do his.

If any of you at The Record think you know so much better about how the mayor should do his job, then maybe you should run for the office in the next election? Personally, I think Tim has done a fine job handling the contentious issue of Langley becoming a sanctuary city, and, it appears he knows better than our local media how and when to keep his own opinion out of things.