States either have rights, or they don’t


I don’t use marijuana, but it’s legal here because it was approved by voters and I respect states’ rights.

Republicans do too, when it serves their purposes. Transgender bathrooms — states’ rights.

Marijuana legalization (read increased tax money, establishment of quality standards, monitoring of purchases by age, all the benefits that legalization of alcohol provides) is now a federal issue because some guy from the Deep South thinks he should control the West with his backward, uneducated, unsubstantiated, ignorant personal biases (should I tell you how I really feel?)

Mr. Jeff Sessions, as the attorney general, has to use facts and evidence now rather than his knee-jerk points of view.

For starters, please prove how marijuana use leads to heroin. I can only tell you about my granddaughter, who suffered a sports injury and was prescribed Oxycontin by a doctor who didn’t monitor its use and then pulled her off it, cold turkey. She is now in a rehab facility coming off heroin, which someone assured her would continue to help her.

If the Trump administration really believes in states’ rights, respect them. If Sessions or any other Trump official orders federal marshals or the National Guard or ? to raid and close marijuana shops here, I will be outside protesting and willing to be arrested, not because I use marijuana, but because my state should not be ruled by a reactive redneck with a job he doesn’t deserve.