Tell PSE that ‘clean and green’ is the way to go


One participant said “From the Ashes” was the best documentary they’ve ever seen. It got a five-star rating from all in attendance last Wednesday night at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Whidbey Island (UUCWI). It will be aired at 7 p.m. Sunday, June 25 on National Geographic.

According to the experts, the coal industry is not coming back in spite of the president’s rhetoric.

It has been done in not by Environmental Protection Agency regulations but by mechanization and fracked natural gas. Even the coal museum in Kentucky is installing solar panels.

People are suffering. Coal is the number one polluter of air and water and its health impacts are, as one doctor says, “Public Enemy # One.” Clean Coal is a delusion.

Serious, exciting solutions are being applied in a just transition from fossil fuel tyranny in effected communities now. You can donate to their support online.

Bloomberg Philanthropies will match a portion of donations. Our utility, Puget Sound Energy (PSE), still gets 40 percent of its energy from plants in Montana. A Sierra Club lawsuit has forced closure of their dirtiest plants, Units 1 and 2, by 2022.

Still, this is not enough.

PSE is planning to extend contracts for Units 3 and 4 through 2029.

Tell PSE you oppose continued reliance on coal for electric power and that it should be moving to 100 percent renewable energy, like Pittsburgh and many other cities are. Let them know clean and green is the way we want to go for bright, resilient 21st century future.


UUCWI Social Environmental Justice Council