Thank you for helping me through


A coalition for the homeless

who would have thought

they would impress.

Myself and my family

and so many more

with their loving hearts

and an open door.

We lived there (House of Hope)

for a short time

and it didn’t cost us

not one thin dime.

After they helped us get into our place.

They were still there in any case.

They were caring and concerned

to get us stared as soon as we learned.

The furniture, the power and the basic needs of daily life.

to settle us in

and end our strife.

I prayed for a car

and more than a year

had come and was gone.

Then here it came, one more thing

just had to go wrong.

I had breast cancer.

So both my breasts had to go.

What else to do? I did not know.

Getting rides top the cancer doc

crying on the ferry as it sways and rocks.

Then I called to see

if a car ride to the Goose

they would give to me.

A women named Judy Thorslund

said, “Sure honey, whatever you need.”

While in the car, she says

“We have a car, it’s not brand new”

to share the facts.

You will have a car.

It’s one last worry.

So try to relax.

Don’t worry about the tabs, plates

and the transfer costs.

You have been through enough

with your cancer and breast loss.

I could not believe my ears

my heart leaped.

Then I let go of some of my fears.

I called to get insurance

then my heart fell.

It was way too much for me to purchase.

I didn’t have enough to get my insurance going,

but the kindness didn’t end.

It just kept flowing.

They raised the funds, from online donations

to get me through one more bad situation.

Six months of insurance was paid for my car

There is no one like them,

not near or far.