Thanks for the memories, Coupeville


It is with a heavy heart that I leave Coupeville Post Office where I have worked for over 20 years in this business as a carrier and a clerk. I had briefly transferred to the Anacortes Post Office as a clerk and passport agent and had an opportunity to return to the Coupeville Post Office.

I have decided the time has come for me to start my retirement with my family. Though I look forward to retirement to come, it saddens me that I will have to leave such fine people. The years that I worked the Coupeville Post Office are the best and fruitful years of my life.

During that time, many of you have touched my heart. I will cherish each one of you with such great memories, lots of you with smiles on your faces at my counter or lobby as your package lady.

For as long as I have worked in this business, I have gained so much love and joy with my co-workers, postmasters and customers, and with each and everyone of you.

This is the best job I ever had, and the Coupeville town is the best place to work! So you will not see the red convertible in the parking lot (smile).

My last day here is May 31.

So a big hug good bye to you all, I will miss you!


Oak Harbor