The mayor’s actions are unacceptable, not even in jest


The action of the mayor, for whatever intended purpose, is completely unacceptable. Our nation’s democracy is dependent not only on its citizens to participate but also to participate with both knowledge and purpose. This participation is dependent upon a free press.

Some may fairly say that the media is biased. This is undoubtedly true. With this understanding it is then incumbent upon us as citizens to read and listen to multiple sources, multiple viewpoints, question and analyze, agree or dissent, change or accept. This can only happen with a free press and that press’s free access to our elected governments.

When a government places obstacles and/or penalties between itself and the press, hence the people, they are no longer representing the people. Were they (government officials), in fact, representing the people they would gladly welcome the press.

Personally, when obstructionist actions are chosen by government officials, I want to know what they are afraid we, the public, will find out.

The mayor’s actions are, under any circumstances, unacceptable, not even in jest.