There are better ways to improve lives than making Langley a sanctuary city


Clearly, South Whidbey Island has a warm, generous and caring resident community expressed both in thought and actions. I am concerned with the potential of the small town of Langley becoming a “sanctuary city” and unanticipated consequences. Exactly what does this designation accomplish to improve the lives of others, in a small town of rapidly aging residents; one that can hardly fund a school system and provide affordable housing, never mind the potential influx of young families with many needs?

Having a healthcare background, I am concerned with additional strain on primary and specialty care that already has a deficit of providers. Rather than take a divisive action sure to set emotions aflame, why not reinforce our work in schools, churches, Good Cheer and similar activities of good will? Will this not accomplish more in terms of human respect and create a joy of living?

I say this with great respect for those who are angry at the election and wish to send a message to ease their personal anguish. There are more helpful and positive ways in which to meaningfully improve the lives and hopes of those less fortunate.