There is a consensus on climate change


Mr. Wyman in his recent letter to the editor, “No consensus on global warming has been reached,” suggests that there is no consensus on global warming (climate change). I would argue that when over 190 nations, not including Syria, Nicaragua and and now the U.S., joined the Paris climate accord, it would be considered a “consensus.” And, 97 percent of the scientific community says climate change is real and a major threat to the planet. That also is a consensus.

By the way, Nicaragua said “no” because the accord didn’t go far enough and Syria opted out because of sanctions and its on-going war. The U.S. recently opted out because its president is a brain-defective, snake-oil salesman who’s told what to do by Steve Bannon and other misfits in his cabinet.

Your argument that a consensus has not been reached holds no water. You tell us, “only one side has voted.” Well, you and your tiny cadre of fellow deniers “vote” every time you open your mouths on the subject. So do we believers, however, we believers have done our homework on the subject. I suggest you research the data as well. You may have to side with the “consensus” if you do.