There is no catastrophe, no global warming — it’s hysteria


The believers in global warning are carefully to avoid history, geological history. For example, consider the glaciations and expansions of the polar ice caps millennia ago where the polar ice caps expanded with huge ice sheets covering much of the northern and southern areas of the globe.

Some 20,000 years ago, the most recent of these sheets began to retract and melt and in the process giving back the water that had been held in the ice. This caused sea levels to rise, inundating areas and creating islands and inlets and new bodies of water all over the Earth. The melting continues to this day with only a few areas still covered with ice, Greenland for example. It has been a slow process that has been continuing for the last 15,000-20,000 years.

It is this activity that has prompted the present hysteria over so called “human caused global warming.”


Man has not caused the glaciers and has done nothing to cause them to melt. There is no catastrophe, no global warming. And remember the ones who saying this are not scientists, they are politicians.

The sky is not falling.



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