Threat of lost insurance might detour cell phone use while driving on Whidbey


Are the local, county and state police enforcing the cell phone while driving laws? Given the number of motorists I see in Island County using their phones while driving makes me wonder. They’re everywhere and easy to spot.

If there was more stringent enforcement, it would seem there would be fewer driver-impaired accidents/injuries, the enforcement jurisdictions could make a substantial amount of money in fines/penalties and it might even save your life or mine!

A final thought: What if the insurance companies wrote into their policies that vehicle insurance would be cancelled or void in the event people were on their phones when involved in an accident? If this were the case, and it’s relatively easy to triangulate phone calls to know if people were on their phones at the time of an accident, parents might require their children to leave their phones at home while in the car or something similar.

Fear of losing insurance might cause adults to think thrice about using their phones while driving and, not incidentally, wouldn’t it also save the insurance companies money they would not have to pay out for accidents caused by being on the phone while driving? Just a thought.