Time is running out to stave off disaster


Mr. David Powell’s letter “Man-made global warming is nonsense, a hoax” caught my attention. It is a good example of fuzzy thinking due to lack of all the facts.

It is true one can only speculate about the causes of prehistoric global warming. It is also possible that some natural phenomenon we are unaware off may be contributing to the current round of global warming. However, the scientific data gathered so far provide irrefutable evidence that, at a minimum, mankind is contributing to global warming in a big way through the generation of unprecedented levels of carbon dioxide, methane as well as other gases that are released into the atmosphere through industrial activity. One need only look on the internet for global warming to find the scientific data that proves this.

The earth’s biosphere, including mankind, is in grave danger unless we act quickly to reduce substantially the release of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. That is action that we can take. Attitudes such as those expressed by Mr. Powell in his letter are not helpful. Time is running out and we have only a few decades left at most to stave off disaster.