Time to reassert our Declaration of Independence


Once upon a time (Nov. 8, 2016 to be exact) Yankee Doodle America went to the polls to fetch a new leader.

Unhappy as they were with Hillary’s business-as-usual rhetoric and amused by their new leader’s slander and dirty talk, Mr. Trump simply took a page from Adolf Hitler’s notebook by fermenting hate and fear — just as the Führer did in 1933.

What could be easier?

Mistaking his so-called inauguration for a coronation, his draconian postulations were compounded and exacerbated by ridiculously destructive cabinet appointments.

And as he threatens to cut funds from our sanctuary cities, we have to wonder: Isn’t that our money he’s dealing with? Is that the art of the deal he brags about?

So, what else can we do about this humiliating mistake? Well, maybe we should stop collecting taxes and sending them to the crown in D.C. Let The Donald pay out of his own pocket for his wall and his propaganda and war machines.

Might this be a good time to reassert our Declaration of Independence?