Toxic waste funding in Island County is essential


Island County needs to fund toxic waste disposal if the state does not. Charging residents to dispose of their waste is how trash collection is funded. The state does not pay our trash bills — we do.

Properly disposing of toxic waste is important, as digging a hole and burying used motor oil, for example, can potentially contaminate our drinking water. Three quarters of residents in Island County depend on ground water for drinking.

Dumping “ethal methal bad stuff” down the drain is harmful too. That is one of the reasons there are drug disposal days offered by law enforcement. Flushing stuff down the toilet does not make it go away. Seventy percent of residents are on septic systems which replenish the ground water basins.

Charging for disposal of toxics is counter productive. The cost should be rolled into our solid-waste rate structure if the state cuts grants.



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