Trump should return to reality TV


Perhaps it’s time for Donald J. Trump to return to reality TV. He is more suited to that format. It’s full of drama, negativity and backstabbing. We do not need this in the White House.

His job is to solve problems and bring people together. Trump does not seem able to or want to do this. He is not thinking of the people or what is best for the country. That is evident by the health care bill they are trying to ram through Congress. He just seems to want to pass something, anything, so he can say they passed something. This is not how the process should work. We were so spoiled by the Obama White House, now this mess. I hope and pray the country survives Trump.

People, please keep 2018 in mind. We need the Democrats and Independents back in charge, in the House, to bring some sanity back to Congress. Their voices and direction are much needed now.