Trump’s critics include many in Europe


On Nov. 8, 2016, the civilized world was shocked and dismayed.

Swedish headlines read, “The new USA. Not ready for a woman — but for a sexist, racist bully to rule the new police state.”

Shortly thereafter, Der Spiegel, Germany’s leading news magazine’s cover read “The next president, Drehbuchy einer tragödie,” (script for a tragedy). The editorial headline read, “Die angst und die fehler,” (the fear and the fault).

Chief editor Klaus Binkbäumer wondered how the Republicans could put a candidate like Trump on the throne; one so self-centered, so masochistic, so racist, so unqualified? How could the American people disregard history? How could they assume that if they don’t like the government they have, they can just throw it out, regardless of the consequences? Can they really be so misinformed, gullible and reckless?

Alas, the German people know all too well about the consequences of allowing a megalomaniac to pursue irreversible mistakes by peddling hate and fear.

Since we were in Sweden for the past two months, we missed all the chaos here at home, but what can we do about it now? Well, on Jan. 20, I’ll fly my flag at half-mast to mourn the calamity of the day, while you who fly the stars and stripes might hang yours upside down to protest your distress.



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