Vote all the ‘bums’ out of Washington D.C.


I think I finally get it. The GOP Congress and Trump keep sticking it to the poor and elderly because they can. In their view the poor and elderly have not voice, nothing will come of Congress deals and lies.

This latest 2018 Trump budget is the topper. The cruelty in it is unbelievable. Taking away food stamps and 20 percent of children’s health care, slashing Medicaid, social programs, cancer research just to give millionaires a huge tax break. All the while, Trump and the family keep doing deals and making money off the presidency with no apparent consequences. It’s a mockery of government oversight.

This is corruption, people! Lying, hypocrisy, greed, buying visas; it this what we want the presidency to stand for? Lying stands in for the truth and then they cry “fake news” if reported on.

When will we have had enough? I certainly hope someone in Congress is paying attention and will fix this budget. Trump seems to have forgotten what he said to get voted in. Why is still a mystery to me.

Again, I say vote the bums out.