We shouldn’t have two realities, truth matters


It was very interesting for me to come today from my trip to Washington D.C. and read the article on the front page of The Record about the family of Trump supporters who attended the inauguration.

I was there both Friday and Saturday participating in the demonstrations and had a very different experience than what he described. On Friday my children and I were stricken by how eerie the atmosphere was because of the lack of people there. It felt like we were in a post apocalyptic movie set. We walked for miles through empty streets and saw no crowds until we were directly in the heart of the Capital. Little did we know the strange “spin” that would come out later in the press conference that Sean Spicer held referring to the massive crowds and claiming that they were larger than Obamas inauguration and the Women’s March.

My experience was also much different than what Mr. Bacigalupi described, in that the crowds of demonstrators were hardly “lost and not saying anything.”

I witnessed large groups passionately chanting and marching, as well as broken windows, arrests and police in full riot gear. Spirits were very high among the protesters. I’m not sure why we seem to have two different realities, but I hope that going forward there can be some honest dialogue between us all so that we can more fully understand one another and find some common ground.

Truth matters.