What was your ‘aha!’ moment?


Think back. Perhaps way back, to a time in school when a light came on in your mind and you thought, “Oh, I get it now.” Or “Wow, this (math, science, English, history) is fun!” Or “I like this so much that I may want to do this for a living.”

Perhaps you even witnessed that moment in your children or grandchildren.

South Whidbey Schools Foundation funds innovative, experiential education projects because we believe they create those aha! ‘magical moments’ which open students’ minds to a lifetime of learning.

Foundation board volunteers meet on a Saturday morning each month to plan activities such as an annual dinner gala and auction, Dine-Out-Wednesdays for South Whidbey Schools, our new Adopt-A-Grant program, and this annual fundraising appeal.

Why? We believe the extra good that the foundation provides matters, especially as the school district grapples with a shrinking student population.

It’s not easy to raise funds to meet all requests. Board members attending regional foundation workshops, report that South Whidbey is looked upon with sympathy because our foundation funds are only a fraction of those of larger, wealthier mainland school districts.

No matter. We are committed to the belief that fostering excellence in education is important regardless of size.

We believe that strong schools create strong communities – and community is something which South Whidbey shines at.

If you believe the same, then please make a tax-deductible donation to the South Whidbey Schools Foundation either via our website at SWSFoundation.org, or by mailing a check to PO Box 24 / Freeland, WA 98249.

And if you are interested in adopting a classroom grant, call me, Chris Gibson at (360) 221-8099 to discuss a project close to your heart.

Thank you for caring about our South Whidbey community’s kids!


South Whidbey Schools Foundation president