Who is the Langley City Council, mayor representing?


During a public comment period, Langley Mayor Tim Callison angrily interrupted a citizen who rebuked him for ignoring a “sanctuary city” meeting held at a local church. Although he insinuated otherwise, he likely never intended to attend it, as shown by his pursuit of a complaint aimed at council members who did attend. In short, during his first real test as mayor, the former businessman demonstrated he is thin-skinned, untrustworthy, and bullying.

Not to be outdone, the city council showed they were either boorish, like Bruce Allen who sneered that the proposal was “crap;” sly like Ursula Shoudy, who, after weeks of straddling the fence finally revealed her opposition to the ordinance; callous like Thomas Gill, who expressed grave concern over “feeding” the imagined horde of refugees; or placating like Rene Neff and Dominique Emerson, who conciliated and so compromised the ordinance that the police chief deemed the resulting resolution “meaningless.”

The question is not which administration the City of Langley resembles, but which people it represents.