Why one South Whidbey woman shops at The Goose


In 2011, my family moved to Whidbey Island from Skagit County. From the moment we moved here we were overwhelmed by the incredible sense of “community” throughout South Whidbey. It was something we had never experienced before, even coming from a neighboring county. This spirit of kinship is seen just about everywhere here. Even in unexpected places, like a grocery store.

The Goose quickly became a cornerstone of our lives. Like any consumer we were initially drawn-in for very practical reasons: convenient location, warm atmosphere, good selection and great prices. Over the years we have become loyal customers for a very different reason: to support our community. With every dollar we spend, we are contributing to our schools, our neighbors, and our rural character.

As a mother, I am thankful for the thousands of dollars donated by Goosefoot to provide my child’s school with a garden where he can learn about healthy choices and sustainability. To me, these lessons are priceless. Each time I visit The Goose, I smile to see pictures highlighting happy children gardening. Knowing this was made possible (in part) by my purchases.

Professionally, I am thankful for Goosefoot’s support of other nonprofits. Goosefoot has generously helped my employer, Senior Services of Island County, to purchase a new walk-in freezer after ours broke unexpectedly over the holiday season. A freezer is an essential component to our Senior Nutrition Program and Meals on Wheels. This contribution will help our organization to keep our seniors fed!

My family will continue investing in our community by shopping at The Goose. I hope that yours will do the same. A heartfelt thank you to Goosefoot for all that you do. Thank you for allowing Senior Services to continue our great work.