Why would addicts go to Langley to shoot up?


Well, after reading about the needles found in Langley, it’s not hard to figure out that it’s probably one or two people doing it. Either they work in Langley or are homeless people. No one wants drive to Langley to go under the Dog House to shoot up.


I think if ya just look or notice a not-normal person running around Langley, that’s your person. It’s not like “Hey, lets go to Langley to shoot up guys.” Why would addicts go there? I mean there are lots of other places to do drugs than under the Dog House. I think maybe the problem is within the town. Maybe Langley should look in its own backyard.

Someone who works or lives in Langley is doing this. And someone knows who it is. Most of the addicts go to Porter Field, not Langley.