Will Muslim culture damage Whidbey’s?


Just prior to Congressman Rick Larsen’s recent town hall meeting at the Langley Methodist Church, vans brought in Syrian refugees for a potluck. The primary organizer of the refugee potluck sent an email asking attendees to refrain from hugging friends in greeting as they normally would or shaking hands with one of the opposite gender.

And so our normal habits need change in order to avoid offending refugees. Donations were solicited on behalf of the Muslim Association of Puget Sound.

Whidbey Island has always been warmly accepting of our LGBTQ community. For example, consider the Queer Pride Parade in Langley. After much reflection, I’m having a hard time envisioning these extremely diverse cultures thriving in the same environment. Is it likely that we can create a sanctuary city (by whatever name we call it) that welcomes refugees without serious damage to our community as it now exists?