Women’s group seeking like-minded members


Are there Christian women in Snohomish County who are concerned about human rights, hunger &poverty, health &wellness or diversity &inclusiveness? These are the Quadrennial Priorities (’16-’20) for a national ecumenical movement of Christian Women in the United States and Puerto Rico, whose lives center around prayer, bible study, advocacy and action.

Since 1941, Church Women United (CWU) has been a racially, culturally and theologically inclusive women’s movement with local units, state units, regional gatherings, and national assemblies where women celebrate unity in diversity and work for a world of peace and justice.

For many years there has been a Snohomish County/Island County local unit (Sno-Isle) and a Washington /Northern Idaho state unit. With all the problems our country — and world — are facing, CWU can be a vital movement, drawing together women of all ages who will collectively work, write, call and celebrate our togetherness.

Please check out the national website: go to Church Women United to read more about this ecumenical Christian women’s movement. Jeannine “Jeannie” Lish is the local contact and state president for the WA/N ID Unit.

CWU is seeking women who want to get involved. Please contact Jeannie as soon as possible to help begin planning our choices of action. Your help is vitally needed! Looking forward to your responses!


Church Women United