Yes, the sky is falling and the ice is melting


Mr. Ronald Wyman is at it again. His global “warning” letter in Saturday’s paper, “There’s no catastrophe, no global warming,”claims, “…the ones who [are] saying this are not scientists, they are politicians.”

He has it backwards.

The reality is, it’s the scientists (97 percent of them) who are saying climate change is real while a handful of on-the-take politicians deny it’s happening.

And, consider this; 15,000 to 20,000 years ago (or a “millennia” ago) there weren’t 8 billion of us here on the planet using resources like coal and gas that when burned create green-house gas emissions that tend to warm things up and mess up the ocean and atmosphere. We humans and our power plants and factories and our 10 million or so combustion engine vehicles are contributing to climate change.

Yes, the sky is falling and the ice is melting.