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  • Wed May 24th, 2017 12:00pm
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50 years ago

Editor: Dan Stebbins

Oily rags caused the school fire

“The probable cause of last week’s school fire in Langley has been determined. Fire Chief M. E. Hunter says that investigation indicated the fire began in a drawer beneath a work bench in a paint locker.

“He said that rags with paint and linseed oil on them had been stored in the drawer. The assumption is that spontaneous combustion of the flammable material occurred.

The fire, which began late Wednesday evening, May 17, was fought by the school board until the arrival of Langley, Clinton and Maxwelton fire departments.”

25 years ago

Editor: Jim Larsen

Alliance: Stream protection rules too tough

“A newly-formed property rights advocacy group has criticized a series of amendments to Island County’s zoning code as illegal – and countered with an amendments package of its own.

“The Island County Property Rights Alliance, a Freeland-based group formed in response to what they see as unnecessarily restrictive land-use policies, has targeted the county’s proposed reclassification of fish and wildlife habitats.”

15 years ago

Editor: Matt Johnson

McDonald’s is back

“Residents who have a Big Mac attack might be able to satisfy that urge on South Whidbey sooner rather than later. McDonald’s is again eyeing Bayview as a site for its first South Whidbey restaurant.

“…For months, the South Whidbey rumor mill has been in full swing, speculating about the possibility of McDonald’s building at the intersection of Highway 525 and Kramer Road in Bayview. The rumor is true, a McDonald’s official said this week.”