HISTORY CORNER | Thursday, July 13, 1967 and Tuesday, July 28, 1992

  • Wed Jul 19th, 2017 4:00pm
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The following are segments of stories taken from the front pages of the Whidbey Island Record 50 and 25 years ago on Thursday, July 13, 1967 and Tuesday, July 28, 1992.

50 years ago

Editor: Dan Stebbins

2 flying saucers spotted by Cooks

“Cora and Carolyn Cook spotted ‘flying saucers’ Wednesday, July 5 over their home near Little Brown Church, Maxwelton. Cora Cook spotted the two craft at 8:50 p.m. She was out looking at her TV antenna.

“The inverted bowl-like vehicle was grey with a surrounding yellow glow and a bright yellow light emanated from the center. There were no sounds coming from the UFOs.

“Quickly, the Maxwelton women rushed inside after the two craft disappeared, and drew a sketch of the sighting.”

25 years ago

Editor: Jim Larsen

State gives money for Double Bluff acquisition

“The state Department of Fisheries received $334,000 on Friday for the acquisition of public access to Double Bluff beach.

“The award was made in Spokane by the state Interagency Committee for Outdoor Recreation. The money comes from that allocated for other projects but never spent, either because projects were not pursued or were completed under budget.

“Ironically, $100,000 of the available pot came from money previously allocated to Island County for the same purpose.”