Inspired by Hillary, Whidbey Island grandmother releases first CD

Whidbey Island has given a local singer her voice back.

Freeland resident Gale Dubrow has been singing for as long as she can remember.

“There was always music in our house and I remember both my mother and father singing often,” Dubrow said.

And although she sang in high school musicals, in choirs and even started as a music major her first year in college, Dubrow got sidetracked for a time away from singing.

After journeying down several roads in life that included college, teaching, becoming a wife, mother, professional fine artist and a grandmother, Dubrow has finally realized one of her dreams. She has made her first record.

“Gale Dubrow, Once and For All,” is Dubrow’s self-produced CD featuring Dubrow singing 12 of her favorite songs about love and romance. The recording also features Randy Halberstadt on piano, Jeff Johnson on bass and John Bishop on drums.

Dubrow said that Hillary Clinton’s recent statement about finally finding her voice resonated with her.

“Hearing her say that was pivotal for me,” Dubrow said.

And after years of stage fright and balking at performing as a soloist because of that fear, she rediscovered her singing voice.

“I finally felt like I was permitting myself to express my feelings through singing,” she said.

Having been a professional fine artist for most of her life, Dubrow said she satisfied her need to express herself through what she said was always a very serious endeavor; painting.

In the fledgling feminist era of her youth, she said it was important to her to be taken seriously as an artist, so many of her paintings were fueled by a serious, angst-ridden and not necessarily just “beautiful” perspective of the world.

But now, she said, being all grown-up and no longer having to “prove” herself to anyone, she can absorb the beauty of Whidbey Island, fill herself up with the inspiration she gets from its joyful influence and sing the songs that have always been close to her heart.

“Music is one of the most powerful forces available to us. It has the power to change and shape so much. I hope to communicate something or touch someone in a way to make a difference,” Dubrow said.

The CD features familiar jazz standards like “Ask Me Now,” “In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning,” “Two For The Road” and “Smile/I’ll Be Seeing You,” as well as some not-so-familiar, romantic tunes like “Before We Fall In Love” by Northwest musician John Clayton, produced here for the first time.

Dubrow has also set her own lyrics to “Love Theme” (from the movie “Cinema Paradiso”); music she fell in love with the first time she heard it.

It was her intention, Dubrow said, to tell the story of love on the album which includes songs about everything from courtship, to unrequited love and the ultimate satisfying relationship.

“It’s autobiographical for me in the way it deals with the many elements of love,” Dubrow said.

“If you listen to it from start to finish, you’ll hear a story of love that finishes with a “smile.”

“Gale Dubrow, Once and For All” is available by calling Dubrow at 730-6176 or at Joe’s Island Music in Langley; Mutiny Bay Antiques in Freeland and at

You can also find it at her Web site at along with listening samples from the CD.