Instrumentalists ring it in with ‘Twelfth Night’ concert

Oboist Nancy Rumbel and guitarist Eric Tingstad return to WICA for their “Twelfth Night” concert

The “Twelfth Night” concert by contemporary instrumentalists Tingstad & Rumbel has been a mainstay at Whidbey Island Center for the Arts for as long as the performance hall has been open.

“It’s a given that the twelfth night of Christmas slot is open every year for the duo,” Eric Tingstad said.

“That spot is our spot,” he added.

Whidbey Island holds a place in the hearts of these two musicians, which makes the “Twelfth Night” concert special.

Former Langleyite Nancy Rumbel plays the oboe and other woodwind instruments while Tingstad, who lived in Coupeville in his high school days, plays the acoustic guitar.

Together, the duo have recorded a series of award-winning albums including the Grammy winner, “Acoustic Garden.”

With the release of their newest and 19th CD, “Leap of Faith,” Tingstad & Rumbel secure their place as being universally known for the perfect blend of Americana fingerstyle guitar, double reeds and ocarina.

And as a musical team, they bring a lot to each performance, local fan Nancy Waddell said.

“Their little jokes and family stories give us a real glimpse of them as people as well as artists,” Waddell said.

“That’s why I keep going back. Their music is so soothing and peaceful, even the upbeat tunes,” she added.

Their sound has been described as American home-style music with eclectic flavors and international spice.

From the most often requested song in their career, “Medicine Tree,” to traditional Asian folk tunes, Tex-Mex stylings, Caribbean rhythms, American songbook covers and Americana roots music, “Leap of Faith” captures the energy and excitement of their live performances.

The “Twelfth Night” concert, which always sells out fairly quickly, promises a sampling from the new album as well as the traditional holiday material that Tingstad said people always enjoy hearing because the music is so timeless and beautiful.

Although there may be snow to contend with when they make their way to the island, Tingstad said this is the first year they’ve had snow in every place on the holiday tour, so they’re used to it.

“We’ve seen plenty of snow already,” he said.

“There was snow at the show in Wisconsin, snow in Yakima, of course, and snow in Seattle.”

A little bit of the white stuff won’t stop the music this time.

“Twelfth Night” rings in at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 3. Tickets cost $20 for all seats.

Call the box office at 221-8268 or Click here.